A family campsite, 100% natural, near the Lac du Der

The effect is guaranteed when you discover the Camping du Buisson for the first time!!! Because with us it is not the tree but the Buisson that hides the forest, the forest of Der, to which it is attached. And the one where it has been developed thanks to a judicious clearing.
You would think you were in the middle of a wooded park where a few tents and chalets have been planted at a good distance from each other to let nature breathe.
Camping du Buisson is REALLY CHARMING, which is the dominant essence here. In the shade of its large oaks, beech trees, ash trees, fir trees and other wild cherry trees, you will experience an incomparable moment of relaxation in a peaceful environment.

Whether you are on the lower or the upper part of our campsite, whose slope will make your holiday even more special, you will enjoy the same unobstructed view of the river flowing at the edge of a field.

This stream is an integral part of the campsite and will catch your eye wherever you are.
Large meadows have been left unoccupied to give free rein to your desire to escape. You can sit back and take a deep breath of fresh air. Camping du Buisson is the perfect antithesis of mass tourism. We warmly welcome you as a family, we are Virginie & Jean-Michel, Amélie & Nicolas and our little protégé Gabriel.
“Here nature is benevolent
and the setting is enchantingr“

Your camping holiday
at a historic site

The Camping du Buisson was built on the grounds of an old castle, the Château du Buisson, which owes its name to a locality. Built in 1789, the castle hosted holiday camps, perhaps a sign of an early vocation! After a fire in 1966, its stones were transported to Belgium where they were used as building materials.
Two vestiges of the castle survived the fire and the move: a vaulted cellar now used as a sheepfold for the sheep grazing on the campsite and above, all the gates of the property. They serve as the entrance to the campsite, and you will have the honour of crossing them to reach your rentals!
From the road leading to the campsite, you can admire another castle, still standing and inhabited. Its white silhouette, half hidden by the vegetation, is a delight to the eye. It used to be the home of the lords of the Forge, the real lords of the region at a time when metallurgy was a flourishing industrial activity; Indeed, it was a livelihood for the valley of the Blaise, in which we are now located.
The Blaise has an arm WHOSE NAME IS the ruisseau des Fabriques because it supplied water to the local metallurgical factories (forges and foundries) and it is precisely this stream that runs and passes through the "Camping du Buisson". "As the "Blaise" is a tributary of the river Marne, itself a tributary of the Seine, it can be said that a little of the "Camping du Buisson" flows through "Paris"!

Majestic river

Aquatic Pleasures at Camping du Buisson
Welcome to Camping du Buisson, where nature reveals itself in all its splendor along the majestic river which winds through our haven of peace. An irresistible invitation to dive into clear and refreshing waters, the river offers a natural escape in the heart of our enchanting site.
Natural Swimming: Let yourself be carried away by the gentle murmur of the water and succumb to the call of swimming. Our river, lined with green banks, offers an idyllic place to relax and recharge your batteries. Whether for a quiet break along the water or for lively games under the summer sun, each camper will find their corner of aquatic paradise.
Unforgettable Moments: Whether you are with family, friends or alone, the Camping du Buisson river promises unforgettable moments. From joyful laughter to memories shared along the water, it becomes the scene of your memorable vacation.
Book Now: Book your stay and immerse yourself in an unrivaled camping experience, where the river becomes your personal oasis. Treat yourself to the luxury of a natural swim and discover the soothing charm of our corner of paradise at Camping du Buisson.

Dog-friendly campsite.
Here animals are our friends!

In a setting as rural as Camping du Buisson, animals feel right at home. Attracted by the water and the forest, birds are the real masters of the place and will be the soundtrack of your stay!
You will learn how to recognise the call or song of each woodland guest: chickadeeS, kingfisherS, robinS, wagtailS, nuthatchES, wrenS, black redstartS, oak jayS, orioleS, great spotted woodpeckerS, but also mallardS, moorhenS, heronS...
For their enjoyment, we have installed nesting boxes throughout the campsite, as well as insect hotels.
In the vicinity of the campsite, you are very lucky to spot a few specimens of the grey crane, a formidable migratory bird that is the pride of the Lac du Der, having become its emblem.
And who knows if you might see a deer, a badger, a coypu, a squirrel or even a fox in the vicinity of your residence. In short, we love wild animals but we also love domestic animals.

Our four-legged friends are welcome, although we would prefer our category 1 and 2 dogs, known as "dangerous dogs", to stay at home for safety reasons.
To complete the bestiary of the campsite, we have acquired six "legged mowers", in other words sheep. Our sheep are used to maintain the lawns, much to the delight of the children.
“Here, children can have un thanks
to a forest full of mysteries“

Your camping holiday with treetop adventure course
in the middle of nature!

With its stream and pond, playground and adventure park, free-range sheep and wide open spaces, the "Camping du Buisson" is a great playground for children.
The site is full of places to play hide and seek and to stretch your legs. The generous meadows are an invitation to play football in the shade or in the sun. Its paths lead you to explore unknown lands and its bridges to cross worlds. The forest is of course full of mystery too.
At the Camping du Buisson, you can go down "precipices", climb "mountains", climb trees, roll in the grass, splash around in the water and, after having spent so much time, enjoy a well-deserved rest by taking refuge under the geode to read or play quietly.

Anyway, Camping du Buisson is the ideal place to let your imagination wander.
“To welcome you,
come and meet our
smiling team“

A team, a family, to serve you
and make the most of your holiday
at "Camping du Buisson"

Good-Tempered Manager
Troubleshooter Aerialist
Pastry Coach
Handyman in his spare time
The "Camping du Buisson" is open from 12 April (for rentals) to 3 November.
Pitches are available from 1ST May to 30ST September.