The cycle track passes at the foot of the campsite, it will take you to Wassy, the Lac du Der-Chantecoq or Saint Dizier

The cycle route passes right in front of the campsite entrance, and will take you directly to the Lac du Der and its pretty nautical station of Giffaumont-Champaubert, the Champaubert peninsula and its church. To reach these two sites, you will cross the beautiful and deep state forest of Der, populated as its name indicates by magnificent hundred-year-old oaks (Der means "oak" in Celtic), before leading to the largest artificial lake in Europe.
From there you can cycle around the entire lake in just a few hours.

Camping du Buisson has a fleet of bicycles, with or without electric assistance. These bicycles are suitable for both young and older people. There are 7 electric bikes and 2 carts to carry younger guests who are not yet able to pedal or complete the whole tour.
The network of cycle paths to which the Camping du Buisson is directly linked will allow you to discover our nearby villages such as Wassy or Saint Dizier, passing through Humbécourt. You will be able to walk in complete safety in the middle of the Champagne bocage, to discover its original architectural heritage, and even to go along the feeder canal which feeds the Lac du Der.
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The « lac du Der-Chantecoq » : a small inland sea

Created to regulate the flow of the Marne river upstream from Paris, the Lac du Der is a vast water reservoir covering 4,800 hectares and straddling the departments of Marne and Haute-Marne.
This wide artificial lake, which was put into service in 1974, has managed to forget its human origins by being quickly adopted by nature. It is home for more than 300 species of birds, which are present all year round or just for a break on their migration route.
The ballet of the grey cranes attracts thousands of birdwatchers, nature lovers and other simply curious people every year, who are all amazed by this incredible show which takes place from mid-October to mid-March with a clockwork regularity that forces admiration.
The Lac du Der is surrounded by a magnificent forest made up with majestic three-hundred-year-old oaks, in the middle of which you can of course take a walk.
Because the Lac du Der has become a major tourist site in the region, which has managed to take advantage of its assets by offering an incredible variety of activities and leisure activities: swimming (six sandy beaches are available), sailing, water-skiing, scuba diving, motorboating, paddle-boarding, boat or mini-train rides, fishing, walking or cycling, wildlife observation... It is impossible to mention everything, but you should know that there is something for all tastes and all ages.
You can also have fun finding the remains of the three villages that were swallowed up when the lake was filled with water: here a church, there a timber-framed house.
Distance from Camping du Buisson: 7 km
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Churches and timber-framed houses: an architectural jewel

A unique heritage in France can be discovered around the Lac du Der and beyond: that of the timber-framed churches. By following the “Route des églises à pans de bois de Champagne”, you can admire these astonishing jewels of religious architecture, which have their source in the local geology and forest.
These buildings - there are eleven of them - are built with wood and cob, a mixture of kneaded clay and oat straw. This style of construction gives a very special and precious character to the humble rural churches.
You will see by yourself that many houses and barns were also built in the same way, for example in the village of Montier-en-Der.
The Village Musée du Der, which is located in Sainte-Marie-du-Lac-Nuisement, offers a perfect summary of this typical architecture of the Champagne region. Its timber-framed church has an amazing history: it belonged to one of the three villages drowned by the lake, and was dismantled and reassembled piece by piece in memory of the sacrifice made by the three communities that disappeared.
Distance to Camping du Buisson: 15 km (Sainte-Marie-du-Lac-Nuisement)
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Metallurgic Park : in the bowels of a foundry

Metallurgy is deeply rooted in the industrial history of the Haute-Marne. To perpetuate the memory of this activity, which is still very much alive, an interpretation centre has been created in Dommartin-le-Franc.
On a former metallurgical production site, around a blast furnace, a discovery trail allows visitors to discover the art of foundry work, its trades, techniques and masterpieces. A dynamic and sometimes impressive display immerses the visitor in the titanic world of the forge and steel work.
You can cast your own piece of metal in a sand mould and take it home as a souvenir of this unique museum.
Three other sites have been developed in the department around the theme of metallurgy: the Blaise valley, with its discovery trails, the Poissons mines, where iron was extracted, and the old blast furnace at Vecqueville.
Distance to Camping du Buisson: 17 km
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International Wildlife and Nature Photography Festival: wild as a picture

Launched very modestly by a group of friends in 1997, the International Wildlife and Nature Photography Festival of Montier-en-Der has grown in power over the years and has finally won its purs . It is now an institution.
A hymn to the beauty of nature, an ode to wildlife, the festival is known and recognised all around the world for the exceptional quality of its exhibitions scattered throughout the city and beyond.
It has become an unmissable place for every photographer, whether amateur or professional, but also for the general public who will be able to enjoy beautiful images, meetings and debates around the theme of the environment.
The Montier-en-Der festival attracts tens of thousands of festival-goers every third week of November.
Distance to Camping du Buisson: 21 km
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The « casino du lac du Der » : it's up to you

Gambling in moderation is not a sin! You can try your luck at the Lac du Der casino, which was built on the harbour. Slot machines, traditional game tables or electronic game tables will increase your chances of winning.
You can also enjoy a drink in the bar and have lunch in the restaurant, with a great view over the lake.
Distance to Camping du Buisson: 21 km
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The Champagne : cellar downspouts

Marne, Aube, Haute-Marne: the Lac du Der is bordered by these three departments, which are also all champagne producers. It would be a shame not to visit the cellars of the local winegrowers!
The Champagne winegrowers are friendly people. They will know how to pass down their passion and share with you the great and small secrets of the most famous wine in the world. More than a technique, making champagne is an art. But it is also and above all a pleasure that you will enjoy during a tasting session.
Distance to Camping du Buisson: 26 km (nearest winery)

The « château de Cirey-sur-Blaise » :
a one-to-one with Voltaire

The name of the Château de Cirey-sur-Blaise remains inextricably linked to that of Voltaire. The great French writer stayed there from 1734 to 1749, hosted by his good friend, the erudite Marquise du Châtelet. Two great minds - that of the philosopher of the Enlightenment, and that of a woman ahead of her time - illuminated with their love this magnificent setting that was intellectually fruitful for them.
Classified as a Historic Monument, this private building built in the 17th and 18th centuries is open to visitors. It is an opportunity to discover the small theatre built by Voltaire to rehearse his plays, as well as the very romantic wooded park which unfolds its splendour over 5 hectares.
Distance to Camping du Buisson: 30 km

Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises :

If there is a village in France that has been forever marked by the passage of a man, it is Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises. The memory of General de Gaulle is omnipresent. The leading figure lived, died and is buried there.
His simple tomb is pilgrimage place for all admirers of the liberator of France. His family residence, La Boisserie, has been transformed into a museum. In memory of the "great Charles", a gigantic Cross of Lorraine in pink granite has also been erected, while a Memorial traces the history of the former President of the Republic, a history which is intertwined with that of the 20th century.
Distance to Camping du Buisson: 48 km
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Nigloland : full of attractions, full of sensations

Located in Dolancourt, in the Aube department, Nigloland succeeds in a tour de force: offering its visitors a new attraction every year! And not just any attraction: always higher, always faster, always stronger, always more breathtaking.
All this without ever denying its family vocation, just like its founders, two former fairground brothers. With its 4 different worlds, its 40 attractions and shows, its 8 themed restaurants, you are sure to spend an unforgettable day, full of thrills and emotions, in a green setting which will remind you of the one the Camping du Buisson.
Nigloland has undoubtedly become the largest of the small French theme parks.
Distance to Camping du Buisson: 52 km
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The National Forest Park:
in the heart of a green sanctuary

The Forest National Park is the latest of the large national parks. It is also the one situated most to the north of France and the first to be established in the plains. Straddling the Haute-Marne and the Côte-d'Or, in other words Champagne and Burgundy, it has taken possession of the Langres plateau and covers more than 240,000 hectares, half of which is forest.
Mainly Composed of deciduous trees (beech, oak, hornbeam, etc.), the park also a home for a wide range is of natural environments: springs, rivers, meadows, tufa marshes (limestone deposits around mosses), dry grasslands, rocky screes...
These different ecosystems welcome an abundance of flora and fauna, some of which are remarkable, such as the Venus hoof (orchid), the wildcat and the black stork.
Men have also left their mark through activities such as metallurgy, agriculture, stone extraction and of course woodworking.
Distance from the Camping du Buisson: 87 km (Park headquarters in Arc-en-Barrois)

Here you will not be disturbed by neighbours: there are none.
Here you will not be woken up by traffic: the road is
not often followed.

Camping du Buisson is open from 12TH April (for rentals) to 3 November.
The pitches are accessible from May 1st.